Experience how influencer marketing can Boost up your Brand Awareness to the Next level

In Operion, we help brands and influencers in building up a win-win relationship. We identify and match the suitable Influencer of their products based on target audience, target goal, and the objective of the campaign. We manage and deliver high quality work to ensure customer satisfaction.

Influencer Marketing Service

Social Media Influencers include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktoker and Youtuber, they review your products and provide high rates to it. They create creative content with hashtags to drive in more traffic to your products brands.

Spokesperson Service

Hire a spokesperson to present your product or service with their professional power of voice. They describe your products to the audience, they can represent your brands and business.

Tell us your product and we will present it with professional speaker

  • in both language ENG and CHI

Virtual Influencer Marketing

Virtual influencer also called as CGI is a digital character created by an AI programming and this character is injecting with the human personality to it. Same as real influencers, a virtual influencer can take place in product review and drive up traffic for brands.

- Coming Soon